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Sample Type: 24HRS URINE

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A 24 hour urine protein may be checked if a dipstick test shows the presence of a large quantity of protein in the urine, or when it is persistently present in a repeat test. Its main purpose is to evaluate and monitor kidney function. A protein to creatinine ratio may be ordered on a random sample prior to a 24 hour collection. Since a dipstick primarily measures albumin, a 24 hour collection may be ordered if a doctor suspects proteins other than albumin to be present in urine. A 24 hour protein or protein/creatinine ratio may be used to monitor a person with known kidney damage.

Test Instructions

The test is performed on a 24 hr urine collection. Empty your bladder in the morning and collect the urine for the next 24 hrs, everytime you go to the toilet including the next morning. Avoid vigorous exercise 24 hrs prior to the test

List of 3 Parameters Included

  • 24hrs Urine Volume
  • Protein - Urine (24Hrs)
  • Protein - Urine (Spot)

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